MV Agusta unveiled a stunner for a concept bike at EICMA, the sleek Superveloce 800. This event gave me the opportunity to meet and interview CEO Timur Sardarov. This is a very special moment for him and his partnership in MV Agusta because he just poured into MV Agusta capital of a cool 40 million euros—absolutely something worth talking about. Mr. Sardarov is very enthusiastic about being at the stern of MV Agusta, he believes in the iconic make and in his partnership with Giovanni Castiglioni, explaining why he invested to recapitalize the company.

Sardarov and Castiglioni

Timur Sardarov (right) with Giovanni Castiglioni.MV Agusta

“I love MV Agusta because it is like a big family made of great people, skilled and passionate, the right people to work with to carve a special niche for this iconic name. The recapitalization is intended to iron out all the weak spots that plagued the activity of MV Agusta for too long now. The first accomplishment is already there, on the stand, the Brutale 1000. That is not only a great-looking bike, that is the great return of the F4 project.

“Chief Project Engineer Brian Gillen and his men have done a superb job solving the huge flaws the original engine project incorporated; it was a bad project, period. But we are MV Agusta and we know three- and four-cylinder engines. The totally renewed F4 engine has reached the quality level that the MV Agusta name demands; my priority is to invest in quality, quality, quality.

F3 Superveloce 800

MV Agusta’s F3 Superveloce 800 is a stunner.MV Agusta

“No need of new projects, we have two basic engines that now respond to the standard of the MV Agusta brand, we must keep working on them, further refine each model, rationalize production, select suppliers, and demand quality from each of them. Second will be servicing, and there also quality is a priority. Quality of servicing on the field, with prompt spare parts availability and perfectly trained dealers.

“This will also imply a big effort in expanding the dealer network around the world. We need capable marketing people to sharpen our sales policy and also to accurately target each model of our line. Now, what do you think of this F3 800 Superveloce? Still a concept, but I want it in production in 2019!”

Superveloce 800

Although a concept, the F3 Superveloce 800 should be in production in 2019 
according to Sardarov. MV Agusta

Mr. Sardarov is a 36-year-old Russian entrepreneur, who is very successful in the financial arena of the City of London, where he sharpened his business abilities. His determination in contributing to lifting MV Agusta back to a prestigious role on the motorcycling market is contagious and, indeed, the new F3 800 Superveloce is supremely attractive—a great mix of creative design with a few well-placed touches of MV tradition. Based on the F3 800, the 800 Superveloce (Ultrafast) is shaped for very penetrating aerodynamics, well rounded where it counts, with an ample fairing that in its profile includes the rider for a completely aerodynamic silhouette.

The exhaust system is a smart 3-into-1-into-3 unit with well-shaped megaphone-style terminals—an absolute must for an MV Agusta triple. The well-shaped tank is tied down by a leather belt, another nostalgic touch that does not interfere with the high technology of the F3 800 engine and chassis.

F3 Superveloce 800’s tank

A leather belt ties down the F3 Superveloce 800’s tank—a nostalgic touch 
on a modern masterpiece.MV Agusta


F3 Superveloce 800 rear

From the rear, the F3 Superveloce 800 looks like a rocket ship.
MV Agusta

At this stage, the 800 Superveloce is supposed to share the same powertrain and chassis of the F3 800, which is not a limiting factor, by any means. But MV Agusta does say there might be room for performance improvement. The rounded rocket-ship-style seat cowl with its large LED tech rear light is just shocking, but not bad at all.


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